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The A-Team's Secret Weapon

A profile of Murdock I wrote for a friend's website. Perhaps one day I'll get around to doing one for each of the team.

Words: 1,125

My Editing Recipe

This article started out as advice for a fellow writer after she wrote her first novel length story, during NaNoWriMo. The advice deals primarily with "big picture" editing, getting the plot of your first draft fixed ready for you to get your sleeves rolled up and doing the actual rewriting.

Updated March 2008

Words: 2,500

Why NaNoWriMo is not about writing

My take on what the National Novel Writing Month challenge is really about and how the benefits of it reach way beyond producing a novel in a month.

Words: 1,200
A-Team Slash Fic recs

Slash fics I like in the A-Team fandom.

In progress.



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