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June 2013

Shock update!

My two original novels Shoot the Humans First and The Battle of Hollow Jimmy are now available as free ebooks on Smashwords.

Download them here.


April 2011

This site is no longer updated.


I want to thank everyone who's read my A-Team fics and other stories on this site over the last few years. Iím now concentrating on my pro writing work under my pen name of Becky Black.


You can find more details about my m/m romance books on my pro writing blog: Becky Black Blog



Though this site will no longer be updated it will stay up indefinitely.

My A-Team fan fiction stories, in three sections:   Mini  Short  Long
These are all based on the TV show. I havenít written any movie fic.

Spin Off Series
The back-story and further adventures of original characters from my fan fiction stories. Completed.en name of Becky Blacky m/m romance books on my pro writing blog:


Three original novels and a short story.

Other Fandoms
Stories in fandoms other than the A-Team.

Articles I've written about fan fic, the A-Team and anything else. Fanfic recommendations.


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