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A-Team and Fan Fiction Links

Becky Black Blog


My Wordpress blog

Me on Loose Id

My author page on Loose Id, my publisher

Me on Twitter


Where I witter on Twitter

A Team Fan Fiction.org

The biggest collection of A-Team fan fiction on the net, frequently updated and links to lots of other A-Team sites.

The A-Team Fanfic Directory

A directory of links to pretty much every A-Team fanfic ever. Continues to be updated!

The A-Slash Archive

Stories of the slashy persuasion about the A-Team.

The A-Team on fanfiction.net

A-Team Section on FanFiction.net, a huge archive of fan fiction for TV shows, movies books, anime, etc.

Shadowwalker's A-Team Fanfic

Fics long, short and epic. And all great.

Billy's Fan Fiction Site

My writing friend Billy's fan fiction archive


A-Team Resource Forum
A new forum for refugees from the old Shrine forums. Lots of friendly people chatting about the team.

A-Team on the IMDB

The A-Team on the Internet Movie Database. Play the Kevin Bacon Game with the full details of guest stars. 

Evil Twin Ltd

Fun A-Team stuff, including an episode guide/Murdock T Shirt list combined.

Dr Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction

Classic essay about fan fiction.

Holly Lisle

Writing advice from a writer. Lots of workshops, How Tos and pages of writing advice.

How to Write Marginally Readable Fan Fiction

Miss Nitpicker's classic advice.


The website for the National Novel Writing Month challenge. Write a 50 thousand word novel in the 30 days of November.


After you write that novel in November you need to edit it. EdMo is a challenge to do 50 hours of editing in March. The forums are open all year for editing advice.

FanFic Symposium

Various articles and essays about writing fanfiction.

Beta Team


A community for A-Team writers to recieve and give critique.

A-Team Fans on Live Journal

A community I maintain, for general A-Team appreciation and fun.

Sea of Troubles

A comm devoted to discussing some of the not so good examples of A-Team and other fanfic and fanfic topics in general.






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